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10 Tips for Restaurant Food Waste Reduction

Can you estimate the amount of money you dump in the trash every day? You can or cannot, but you should be willing to know how to reduce this wastage and increase your profit by learning and applying the various tips that will help you maintain a clean and green restaurant, improve your business acumen, and increase returns on your investment. Restaurants trash tons of food everyday whereas millions of people are starving to death all over the world.

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City of Oxford Through Times

In the 9th century, Oxford was founded when Alfred the Great built fortified towns called ‘burghs’ across his kingdom. In 911, a national record called Anglo-Saxon Chronicle was the first to mention Oxford and said, "King Edward received the burghs of London and Oxford with all the lands belonging to them".

Oxford as an industrious and commercial town, prospered and flourished because of the probability of a market established in it; and there were four coin makers working in a mint. However, in 1009 the Danes burnt the town as the houses were made with thatched roofs.

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“Raw “some vegan recipes in 10 minutes

A healthy lifestyle is very much necessary to live long and enjoy prosperity. Your diet defines a great portion of the health benefits you need to stay up an about. And especially if you’re trying to lose weight and get into shape, turning into a temporary vegetarian can do wonders for. So, today we’re gonna talk about a few awesome and fun recipes for vegan meals that you can prepare in no more than ten minutes to start off your journey towards good health.

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Choose the Right Plants for Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle dictates lots of your preferences, tastes and ideals. It also affects the way you see your home – the colours of the walls, the size of the carpets, the decoration…everything! The plants are also something that is subjective to your lifestyle. In this article you will find some useful ideas for the plants which may be perfect for you and your home.

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