Worton Farm, Cassington

We proudly feature this page on Worton farm, near Cassington in Oxfordshire (a few miles northwest of Oxford), as this small-scale, local organic farm is now our main supplier of fresh, seasonal and organic (Soil Association certified) vegetables, herbs and flowers, to both the Vaults and Garden and Alpha Bar.

The farm is run by Head Gardener David Blake, who has been studying and practising horticulture ever since he was a teenager - longer ago than he cares to dwell upon - and by Anneke Germers. As well as supplying us, their single biggest client, Worton Farm also sells its produce at the farm shop and numerous farmers markets in the area:

There is also a farm shop which is open:

Worton Farm currently has 6 acres of land under organic cultivation; a further 22 acres will be added in coming years.

Address: Worton Farms Ltd, Worton, Cassington, Oxon OX29 4SU Telephone: 01865 882644 Fax: 01865 884498 Website: under construction.

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