We are a catering company with a difference - we always try to source our products and ingredients from suppliers that are local, organic and / or fair trade.

We have developed out of two of Oxford's most popular organic and wholefood cafés - the Vaults and Garden Café on Radcliffe Square and the alphabar in the Covered Market. The popularity of these venues and huge demand for our delicious, wholesome food got us thinking - people really are fed up of paying over the odds for sub-standard, mediocre food!

We think that there is a big demand for good quality, freshly prepared, healthy, tasty and unpretentious food. We also know that people are becoming increasingly interested in where their food has come from, that it hasn't travelled half way across the world, been drizzled in pesticides and that it has been a fair deal all round.

There are lots of very good reasons for eating organic, but perhaps the most overlooked is that the food itself tastes so much better!

We pride ourselves on supporting the best in local, organic and ethical suppliers - places like Worton Farm in nearby Cassington. And through our many special events we also like to support the people and organisations who share our vision.

Will Pouget, founder and director.